Posted by: admin
August 21 2014 2:19:39

20 years ago I started this guild and over the years with the help of many members as passionate about gaming as i was, we formed more than just a clan or guild, but a community of like minded strangers. These strangers have forged friendships with one another in KoT, and over time they have grown into almost family-like relationships. Who would have thought we’d be 20 years down the road and stronger than ever? The people involved in this organization are to thank, everyone contributes to making the guild what it is today, and I thank you all for being part of this.

To celebrate, I am organizing the annual KoT BBQ at my house in Surrey BC Canada November 1st 2014. Everyone is welcome, and if you ever thought of coming to a KoT BBQ, this is the one to make it to. Members coming from the US may want to look into flying into Bellingham Washington on allegiant airlines, as they offer the best rates. I would suggest booking in the next couple weeks, as when september hits the prices will go up.

The party will be in conjunction with my annual halloween party and everyone will be expected to dressup in some sort of halloween costume.

I hope to see everyone there.

Visit the official thread

Knights of Terror Halloween

Posted by: admin
August 21 2014 1:40:56

The Knights of Terror have recently pushed their way into the mobile app world and have been dominating in clan vs clan wars. Currently undefeated, KoT has over 40 members playing with more joining every day.

Knights of Terror and Clash of Clans

Posted by: admin
August 06 2013 12:36:06

As many of you know, we tend to have a bbq to get together and meet each other once a year. In recent years it has been Las Vegas, but i figured after spending 3 years building this rediculous house, i mine as well invite my fellow KoT’s to enjoy a pint with me here in lovely South Surrey. So the BBQ will be at my house on Saturday, October 5 2013. I would like to change things up this year and invite all wives and children to this event. That being said, we will still have a KEG and Beer Bong at this function. Please start your planning now, if you need somewhere to stay and you are coming from afar i can accommodate many people here.

I hope to see a large attendance this year, and really hope more of our KoT brothers from the US and afar can come to join us.

Please RSVP in this thread with whether you are coming or not, PLEASE ONLY POST AFTER YOU HAVE BOOKED YOUR TRIP, OR KNOW FOR SURE THAT YOU ARE COMING. Thanks

Moved to October 5th on Vvashs request.

Posted by: admin
May 05 2013 7:21:13

Fellow KoT, an important announcement today: our very own members have been approved on Kickstarter to raise funds for a mobile MMORPG!

The game will take place in the real world, in actual locations that we can dominate using GPS location aware services. Check out their website at

Think what a real-world PvP game could mean – KoT’s name on record as having control of popular real world locations. Our next KoT BBQ could be to seize control of Roger’s Arena, or some Vegas Casino and hold it for as long as we choose. So check out the site and help drum up support for the game anyway you can!

Click Here to visit the Spy Wars Kickstarter page and help the cause!

Is the kickstarter page. Even if you dont normally throw money to this type of thing id suggest throwing a $5-$20 to support a KoT project.

*Remember, pledging even a small amount helps us gain backers and momentum, especially if you share your pledge on social media platforms. *Your pledge is risk-free until we’re fully funded, and even then, you’ll have 2 weeks to decide on withdrawing funding.**So please pledge whatever you’re able as soon as possible to help us build our momentum!

Spy Wars Game – Spy Wars Home
Official site for Spy Wars, the mobile device mmorpg for espionage.

Posted by: admin
December 15 2012 3:38:28

It was announced Wednesday that Darkfall Unholy Wars would not be released, but instead Preorders would be open soon, and a beta would be live as of Monday Dec 17th. The preorder went live on Friday and can be found here:

The beta client download will be live Saturday, and available here:

It has been confirmed that the Knights of Terror will be bringing a sizeable force into beta and look to make their presence felt early.

If you are interested in joining us, we will be doing limited selective recruiting, and you can start by making a post in our applications and help forum, stating your age, past experience in PVP MMO games, whether or not you have a mic/headset, and why you want to join us. You will then be contacted for a voice to voice discussion, before any in game contact is made.

Posted by: admin
December 09 2012 3:54:28

12/12/12 Darkfall Unholy Wars Launches- We need all hands on deck for this ride, Terror Tour everyday all day. Are you with us?

Posted by: admin
August 24 2012 11:22:11

After months going by with little to no activity, KoT’s have yet again another reason to dust off their boots, sheathe their swords, and saddle up.

Guild Wars 2 has spurred much excitement, bringing KoT members out of the woodwork that haven’t been seen in years. KoT will be going into Fort Aspenwood with 40+ members active and ready to rock.

Posted by: admin
July 28 2012 5:19:57

The KoT BBQ 2012 was a smashing success in Las Vegas.

Krypts and Sanise had to pose for this picture because they decided not to drink their football drinks:

People in these photos

Mrs Luscious

The rest of the BBQ photos can be found here:

Knights of Terror 2012 BBQ Pics Vegas

Posted by: admin
February 17 2012 12:05:21

The KoT BBQ 2012 Date has been set for May 31 – June 1st, in Las Vegas.

If you all need to be reminded what happened last year:

Queq will be arranging rooms on his hotel discount at the imperial palace again, which is right smack dab in the middle of the strip, and a decent hotel. We will be getting an amazing rate of around $25 per night for weekdays and $50 a night for weekends, so no one should have an excuse not to come.

Book your flights now, the sooner you book the cheaper it is!

Confirmed So Far:


KoT pictures from last years BBQ can be found here:

Knights of Terror 2011 BBQ Pics Vegas

Posted by: admin
November 19 2011 2:46:46

Knights of Terror are currently active in Age of Conan on the Deathwish server with the new Blood and Glory ruleset that includes full ffa pvp with pvp loot and no guards.

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