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    Default Want to join KoT? Read this

    If you want to join KoT and don't want to read this post then don't apply. KoT is a hardcore PvP guild with no allies. We focus having fun via PvP and other raid type of groups with people we like. Some things you should know about KoT:
    • We will kill anyone any time for any/no reason
    • Our main emphasis is to have fun in PvP with people we know and enjoy playing with
    • We will talk trash sometimes
    • We are better than you think we are, no matter how good you think we are, we will always be better than that. When I say better I actually mean greater.
    • If you don't know about us already then don't apply

    If you still want in to KoT, you must meet this criteria:
    • You must be mature
    • You must be thick skinned. We are assholes to anyone until we get to know them (then we are only assholes some of the time). We are gigantic assholes to almost anyone not in guild. We like to joke around in guild, it makes it that much more fun for everyone.
    • You must not be a bitch that complains a lot. Problems are dealt with in personal tells not guild chat.
    • You must download Teamspeak. It uses very little bandwidth and is used by almost every member most of the time. Instructions can be found on this forum.
    • You must not talk much in Teamspeak until we know you better.
    • We will not power level new players just to 'catch you up' to us.
    • Alts are treated as just that. You may not have an alt in guild until your main character is at the level cap or you are knighted and want to personally level this char on a regular basis.
    • You must be in guild colors with all chars at all times, if game mechanics allow (all black armor with a royal red cloak)
    • You must make an account on this website and post on this forum with your char name, class, and level. You must also post your age, time zone, how often and what times you normally play. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD. PLEASE START A NEW ONE WITH THE TITLE: LOOKING TO JOIN.
    • Talk to an officer in game
    • KoT is a family and the guild has been around for more than a decade. Every member of KoT has done a tremendous amount more for the guild than you have. Respect them!

    Once you are in the guild you will have a home for this game or any game that comes out in the future. We help guildies whenever possible. Look out for each other. We also rag on each other as you will see on the replies to this post. All in good fun.
    Once in the guild you will be a "slave" aka our bitch for a short time depending on amount of game time. You may then be promoted to "probationary knight". aka in the Family but not quite knighted. This is based upon dedication to the guild. Then when you become a knight and reach realm rank 5, with proper recommendation from Lord Nifield you MAY become a Knight of Terror (we currently have 0 "Knights of Terror" they are all currently officers). Last but very important: If you leave KoT or are removed for not being KoT caliber for whatever reason, do not ask to come back. Once in the family you are blood. Once you are gone, you are done.
    Once again KoTs main focus is having fun. We do not put as much emphasis on perfect groups, perfect chars, the need for in-game status etc. We just enjoy playing games with people we like. Thank you for you interest in KoT.
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