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Thread: Application LAWL

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    WTS invites to Shanks in daoc

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    i vote no <3
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    i like how pets qtd's. by the bind stone in ligen and we kill him before he resets lawl.

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    pets fears my rr5 infil. when he first got his prescence node he sent me tells saying i wouldnt stand a chance against him. so i 3 shoted him with out stealth. Mercil rules
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    heh.. i was camping hib kings room with ur eld ;P

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    lol my eldy is gimp use the rr6 wizzy it doesnt get resisted a million times in a row
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    Wow, fucking prepubescent trash coming on our boards, Can we get a beat with banzor stick,

    1 day kid, when your nuts drop and you sprout a few hairs btwn those soft little bitch tits you have come back and talk to us.

    Until then, keep whackin it Angelina Jolee porn in mommas basement and riding the fuckin nerd bus to school.

    -h8's teh rl

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    Quote Originally Posted by stunsjoo
    Haha thats funny poor kids must of got rolled last night by some KoT.

    Lol bet he posted this after I stuck 2 fist wraps up his ass last night. Then proceeded to put him in his place before I logged off.

    Pets u window dragging , lag casting , theurgist running faggot, you still got pwnzored by me using all your MAC DADDY skillets! My 3 man VS you 3 man and u guys got pwnzored and I mean not even funny pwnzored either. Straight up embarassing rapage like when I got caught with your 300 lbs mom and I was fuckin her in the armpit think it was just a smelly hair box! Oh and BTW nice trailer u live in Qbert!


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    roflmao lovely replies your getting pets


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    Pets did you stop taking your meds again?

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    really annoying insectboy
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    Wow it's ok guys i'll take pity on you but you should take a look at this.

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    what, you didnt include the ones we owned you over and over? lol a little biased no?
    When we ride we never worry bout the fall, I guess thats just the K-o-T in us all.

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