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    Hey all.

    I've been in the guild for a short period of time now on the Iron Rock server of WAR. Just thought I'd stop in and say hello. Right now I'm playing as a lvl 20 SW called Misterpreacher. I've run a few SC's and oRVR stuff with some of you guys already. Sorry, I'm still trying to identify the voices with the names on Vent. I also have an alt lvl 18 slayer on there known as Mobsteel. I originally got into online gaming when CS and TF first came out. At that time I was with Clan [Mr.] for a few years. Then of course there was Diablo and other various FPS' that were out at that time. I was also on WoW for a few years playing with a guild called Knights Templar. I've now replaced WoW with WAR and looking to find a good home.

    I'm a currently working as an innovation strategist for a packaging company, finishing my mba and restoring an old 1964 Honda CB160. Whatever freetime I have in between I'm on WAR.
    Charles flickr

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    Oh yeah, I believe I need access to the member's forum.
    Charles flickr

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