ok here goes,
I have not been on MMO's as long as my bro Luscious Lips. After I got out of the Army is when he turned me on to the idea. I started out about three years ago using his accounts on DAOC. Did some SWG for a while to kill time. Then WOW came out. Did that untill the gear grind drove me insane then I went back to SWG. PVP on SWG sucked so I switched over to BH and had a lot of 1V1 fun with that. Already heared that AOC and WAR sucked so did not waste my money. Meanwhile praying that Darkfall would soon be released here I am. End game in my mind is PVP. Im sure I made many children in WOW cry. I look forward to doing the same here. I have had no direct contact with KOT guildies but given the oppertunity I would be a valuble asset to the guild. Oh and my usual sceen name in the past two games has been Slag. But since in europe its a bad word I cant do it here so I am :thefinger
In game toon name is Ilewen Lightarrow.