In-game Full Name: Surion Windhand

Character Focus: Pvp, Skirmisher

Main pvp char is only 4k prowess,
crafting is 10k prowess can make r30 staffs, hardened leather, working on bowcrafting

Personal Information:
I make video games in real life, enjoy playing video games in my free time.

What is your real Gender?:

What is your real age?:

What is your current timezone?:
-8, west coast, sacramento ca

*Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you can.

Play times:
i work until 6, play darkfall until midnight or 1

Game experience (DFO and previous, be descriptive of your accomplishments in these games):
played df1 in beta, was in the first seige in the game with varangian guard,
during the mana missle wars

PVP experience:
i pvp every day, looking to get better

Referrals in the guild:
just talked to killox about joining

What guilds have you previously been a member of?:
varangian guard, NME when i came back to the game after a break

Why did you choose Knights of Terror?:
looking for a clan that is pvp focused and knows how to coordinate guild activies

How can you benefit the guild?:
I can help out in pvp = more loot, get helped with farming by helping other people.