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    Default Nogal's Application

    In-game Full Name: Nogal Ronnoco

    Character Focus: Pvp, Warrior

    Personal Information:
    I just graduated high school this year and I am currently working. I love to play video games.

    What is your real Gender?:

    What is your real age?:

    What is your current timezone?:
    -7 General Mountian TIme

    *Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you can.

    Play times:
    I get shequeled usually morning shifts so my main playing time is either 4-10 or if im not working at all anytime of the day if I'm not busy with real life.

    Game experience (DFO and previous, be descriptive of your accomplishments in these games):
    I'm quite young comparative to other members so I never got to experience other muds and mmos that were released during the 90's for the fact of I was a small child.

    PVP experience:
    Im quite new to DarkFall Unholy Wars so cant say I have experience to this game. I played wow for around 5 years and during that time I pvp'd while leveling and pvp'd more consistently while I got to end game content.

    Referrals in the guild:
    Talked to Chance Nifield ingame and he told me to read up on your history which I did.

    What guilds have you previously been a member of?:
    A wow guild for around 3 years that fell apart during wotlk and from then on I more or less went solo and mainly played with friends.

    Why did you choose Knights of Terror?:
    Because im looking for a guild focused on pvp that has a steady and active base of players.

    How can you benefit the guild?:
    Im quite new to the game so sadly my possible benefits to the guild is quite limited at the moment.

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    Hey Nogal, Do you have a working headset/mic? We are currently using an alliance vent for darkfall, but as a guild we tend to use teamspeak 3. If you could download both and then PM me to let me know you have done so i will arrange a time with you to talk on our teamspeak server.
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    Treiton Nifleheim - 50 Arboreal Animist Mordred - TERMINATED
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    Nifield D - 50 Healer Mordred - TERMINATED
    Chayce Nifield - 50 Shadowblade Mordred - TERMINATED
    Brethmor Nifleheim - 50 Vampiir Mordred - TERMINATED
    Nifwood - 50 Verdant Animist Mordred - TERMINATED
    Eriis - 50 Mentalist Mordred - TERMINATED
    Zawltan - 50 Necromancer Mordred - TERMINATED
    Niflock - 50 Warlock Mordred - TERMINATED
    Chase Nifield - 50 Scout Bedevere - TERMINATED
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    HEY YOU GUYS. I'm back and badder than ever. Downloading unholy wars right now. Well I wont be on teamspeak or vent for a month or two longer but I can get started right.
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