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    Pink Bunny

    Default Pink Bunny Application

    n-game Full Name:Pink Bunny

    Character Focus: (ex. Combat/PvP or Crafting):Combat/pvp

    Melee & Archery Skill Levels: 60 Poles 60 GA, 90 archery, will be getting GA up to mastery 50+ and then start GS.

    Magery Skill Levels:



    Elemental:Air = 33, Earth=56, Fire = 72.22, Spell Chanting = 42.31, Water Magic = 36, Witchcraft = 50









    Personal Information:

    What is your real Gender?:Male

    What is your real age?:20

    What is your current timezone?:Mountain

    *Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you can.

    Play times: 8 hours + a day everyday

    Game experience (DFO and previous, be descriptive of your accomplishments in these games): I played darkfall when it first came out when it was EU only and i was in the guild themercs, but i fell away from the game i think i went back to WoW, where i play with a bunch of rl friends and family, In Wow i've beat every boss out, including LK and halion, as far as what games i've played i have played, WoW, SWG when it was good, CoH, Lineage 2, guild wars, runes of magic, Warhammer online, star trek online, global agenda, AoC, and im sure theres more but thats just a short list.

    PVP experience:World of warcraft Arenas 2k rating, I'm big into pvp, pvp is a huge part of any mmo i play.

    Referrals in the guild:? annin told me to apply here so this is it.

    Friends you are Applying with:

    What guilds have you previously been a member of?: just came back to DF and mostly i've been playing solo trying to skill up decently before i tried to join a guild.

    Why did you choose Knights of Terror?: talked to annin seemed like a pretty chill person.

    How can you benefit the guild?: i am a great pvper, i can help when needed and i can do what is needed.

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    Why did you leave the guild, The Mercs? Did you know of an old The Mercs member named Sevrlyph? Long shot, I know. You're probably too young to even know who he is! Hah!
    Raging Infectious Malice

    Bare hands around your neck, to crush your fucking windpipe.

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    No issue with you joining. You have some weird stats though... only 29 dex with that much archery and 34 int with that much into magic.

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    Seems like a potential KoT member. His stats aren't that off voden. His magic isn't that high, he hasn't hit 75 in any of them, and thats where it gets brutally slow to go up.

    Go ahead and accept the app. Welcome aboard Pink.

    I like the fact all these 'WoW' players are finally drifting away from that horrible excuse for a mmorpg.

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