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Thread: ArchAge! Like it so far?

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    Default ArchAge! Like it so far?

    Hey all,

    I'm a noob around here but I thought I would introduce myself and ask what people think of ArchAge now that it is live. I play as Morbidvisions, Morbidangel, and Mindysimmons. I've been playing games of all sorts back to the early 80's so as long as the game isn't too shitty (ESO), I'll play it! ArchAge so far seems pretty bad ass and is a nice change from WoW, Rift etc but we will see how it is once the get the bugs out and all the F2Ps get bored/irritated and leave. My only major complaint: The fucking property and house building aspect... plus being taxed for it! Bastards..

    Hope to see everyone out there
    All your base are covered with gravy!!

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    I hope I don't see you out there. Because if I do, I'm going to kill you.

    Did you play with Trey and his Sailor Scouts when he had his clan on Quake 2? Was it Quake 3? I cannot remember.

    At any rate use fucking commas more and don't announce yourself as a fucking noob. We already know this.

    Get a better fucking sig too. Covered with gravy indeed.

    Fat fuck.
    Raging Infectious Malice

    Bare hands around your neck, to crush your fucking windpipe.

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    Now that's the kind of welcome I like goddamn it! And if any of you out there don't like gravy, you're sick individuals.
    All your base are covered with gravy!!

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    WTF.. Nifield, wasn't your name MorbidVision when we were kids playing Majormud at westcoast bbs?

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    I recruited morbid in AA. Lol at Sagris's Intro. I'd say he went easy on you. He passed the test I'd say. Approve morbid. He's going to fit in around here. Plus he will need a place to vent his anger whilst in que.

    Out for the weekend. Be back online Sunday. See you guys then.

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    lol yes i thought when i first read this post that it was you nate, trying to make an old time joke lol. anyways, i was morbid vision back in the day, but those days are long ago!
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    Welcome to the club, whoever you are!
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