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Thread: Bigbirds archeage application

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    Default Bigbirds archeage application

    In-game Full Nam: Justin smith

    Character Focus: Pvp trade runs and ruining peoples days in archeage

    Personal Information:
    I am 18 and ive been playing games my whole life i have always loved pvp and crafting

    What is your real Gender?:

    What is your real age?:

    What is your current timezone?:
    Eastern US

    *Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you can.

    Play times:
    From 3 to about 11

    Game experience (DFO and previous, be descriptive of your accomplishments in these games):
    I have played all those counsile games and ive been a semi pro smite player ive played wow and lol

    PVP experience:
    I was a mage in WoW and I did pretty well i would say

    Referrals in the guild:
    I spoke to raja in archeage and he said that it would be good times if we joined

    What guilds have you previously been a member of?:
    I havent been in any guilds in archeage yet

    Why did you choose Knights of Terror?:
    I choose NoT because they were a really good guild that would always tk me and if you cant beet them join them

    How can you benefit the guild?:
    I can benefit the guild by do trade runs pvp and boating

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    So you're applying to KoT and you choose NoT? I suppose NoT didn't TK you enough.

    To whom are you actually applying to, KoT or NoT?

    Out of the 3 applicants I've seen today, you at least made an effort to follow the application process. Now only if you could proof read.
    Raging Infectious Malice

    Bare hands around your neck, to crush your fucking windpipe.

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    So were do i go from here?

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