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    Name is Stranded,

    Im 26 y/o. Been MMOin for over a decade. Back since DAoC being my first one.

    Im a 50 daggerspell makin combos rape face in PvP. U better know what ur doin if u come at me.

    Im from san jose costa rica with CST. I play AA every day for the most part. If im not at my PC, Stranded is beating his stick @ scarecrows so I might be afk if u try to message me. I love palying and TSin, You cant have effective PvP without VoIP.

    Really just want to have fun making other players miserable



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    I say yes. Fought him a couple times over packs. We grouped up to fight someone else the other dude. Really good Daggerspell.

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    Well shit. Making people miserable is what we do best.

    As long as you swear to kill anyone with a trade pack you will fit in. Cinderstone is known as a dangerous place to move packs. Lets keep up the efforts to keep the faction worried about transporting goods without peace time.

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    Reading your fucking post is making me miserable - so points there.

    Learn to use a fucking apostrophe. If you're going to use shorthand in some places and not in others, well, don't fucking use shorthand or fucking use it.

    Actually, all of you fucks are making me miserable. This whole fucking thread is miserable. Just lock this fucking thread and shove it down the rotting colon of an ulcerated cunt. You discharging vestibules of an septic abattoir. Fire. We need fucking fire to cleanse you fucks.

    Burn them! Bring a torch and set them to fire!

    Raging Infectious Malice

    Bare hands around your neck, to crush your fucking windpipe.

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