It's Vivium! I'm Kha's other half and I've been unofficially playing with KoT across a couple platforms. I play an Oracle lvl 40 in Archeage, I'm 25 and live in Northern BC (pacific Time)
I've been Pvping as a support class in mmos for 9 years -- basically I keep Kha in nice standing online with money, labor points and heals. I afk alot throughout the day doing domestic shit, but am usually present late at night or early morning.

You can always tell when I've dragged in a stolen pack because so much of my blood is left on the ground surrounding it. BUT IT FUCKING GOT THERE DIDN'T IT.

I've really enjoyed playing with KoT and it's a shame we nolonger live in Vancouver area or Kha and I would be at the BBQ.