Hey guys, nicko, chief aeonus, and i, Chief Jondarius, are playing Clash of Clans together at the moment. We heard of you through nickos friend Chef Guy Guarino.
All three of us live in Surrey, BC nicko and aeonus in Panorama Ridge im in South Surrey. We heard you're all local too sweeeet. All three of us bought WoW couple
weeks after Vanilla launch and those two are still playing now. All three of us killed it in Diablo 2 , d2 LoD, and quit shortly after Diablo 3 release. We've all been in
many serious clans throughout those years of gaming. Also a ****load of Counter Strike, League of Legends, not much else on your list though.

My war base is linked below nicko is seconds behind me and aeonus a little lower, guaranteed two attacks every war and we dont waste 'em. We don't upgrade
Town Hall until fully maxed.

im going to apply to the clan just so you guys can Visit my base dont click accept though.