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Thread: In Loving Memory of Adam Lefebvre aka Salvia Divinorum

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    Default In Loving Memory of Adam Lefebvre aka Salvia Divinorum

    I have sad news to deliver to you guys. Salvia lost his battle with brain cancer yesterday. He was surrounded by his loving family and friends and was as comfortable as possible. He left behind his loving wife Beth of 20+ years and his daughter Lily who is 15ish.

    He requested I let all his friends know that he loves you and to thank you for his friendship.

    He was the best friend I ever had. RIP my dear friend, until we meet again.

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    Jesus, that's terrible news and I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Celain and of this great loss for all of us. I've had his twitch channel as my twitch bookmark for a long time and I have wondered where he was and why I was missing his stream, and now I know. I enjoyed chatting with him and he was a great and entertaining guy. Very bad news.
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    omg this is terrible.. You mean Salvia? I cant believe this man, could have sworn we were just talking on steam not long ago. Dude had a good following going on twitch for a while too. Dont even know what to say, he will be missed. Always enjoyed playing games with him, he was top notch.

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    Tough to swallow, as Salvia was a great guy and he will be missed. I have fond memories of him, he was always fun to chat with in whatever game we were playing, he held a KoT officer tag at times and could always be counted on. I can't imagine what his family is going through, a daughter should never lose a parent that early in life. Salvia, wherever you are, I salute you my friend, KoT 4 Life and beyond, rest in peace.
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    Salvia (Adam) was a GREAT MAN... I loved the time we've played and remained friends to the very end... Thank you Celain for letting us know!!!

    RIP Salvia, I burnt a few down in your memory!!!

    We will live Darkfall in the heavens soon enough!!!
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    I heard about this a little while back in Discord. I dranka glass of nice tequila in his memory, and I hope you're managing all right Celain.
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    I just saw this now. Damn. I had so many awesome memories with him and DF. Epic adventures in Dayz mod.

    I'll def spark one up in his honor.

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    This has hit me hard the last few months. As I look down the barrel of a new career and life, I can't help but remember the amount he brought me into the fold with Darkfall and EVE. Adam exemplified KoT for me in every way. I honestly cant believe he's gone. Before I left on my last deployment I remember watching his stream on a few games and wanting to play them. I'm at a loss. I wish the best for his family, I can only imagine the pain they're feeling.
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    I had spoken to Salvia/Adam shortly before his passing, and when the news hit it hurt. Here we are 6 months later (I really need to check in more) and it's amazing how internet friends can be missed so much. Those days in Darkfall will never be forgotten. Thank you Celain btw for keeping the crew updated.

    See you in Valhalla my friend!!!

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